Elastic Gunfoam B2

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Elastic Gunfoam B2
Product description
Zettex Elastic Foam B2 is a special soft foam that can accommodate the continuous movements of components thanks to its elasticity. An example is movement as a result of temperature fluctuations. The high degree of adhesion of the product prevents cracking, so excellent noise- and heat-insulating properties between components such as joints in window frames are preserved for a long period. Moistening before application improves the fine cell structure and results in better insulating properties. The special composition allows the product to be used at temperatures to -10°C. The development and production of this product suffice with regard to the strict requirements of ISO 9001/E 29001 quality standards.

Single-component elastic polyurethane foam. CFC-, HCFC- and HFC-free (ozone-friendly and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect).

• High degree of elasticity
• Constant compensation of movement of parts
• Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/(m·K)
• Excellent noise insulation values RS,w:
• Seam width 10 mm: 63 dB
• Seam width 20 mm: 64 dB
• Optimal results at low temperatures to -10°C
• Powerful adhesion
• Building material class B2 in conformity with DIN 4102-1
• Building material class E in conformity with EN 13501-1
• High insulation value
• MTV value 37%
• Can be used on any surface
• Finished with plaster
• Can be painted over 
Available form
Spray can 750 ml

Areas of application:
• Installation of window frames (clean, checked behind filling, with the joints of window frames and external roller-shutters insulated and sealed.)
• Filling joints in outside door frames, but not for the primary installation without other mechanical fastenings.
• The filling of cavity walls, passages for electricity, gas and water supply lines and other openings.

Application instructions

Elastic Foam B2 can be fixed on the Zettex Foamgun. This enables optimal Elastic Foam B2 spraying. Shake the can thoroughly 20 times before use. This ensures optimal adhesion of the Elastic Foam B2. After spraying the Zettex Foamgun can be cleaned with Zettex Foamcleaner and hands can be cleaned with Zettex Cleaning Wipes. 
Особенности спецификация
Base Polyurethane
Propellant Without CFC, HCFC and HFC
Processing temperature -10ºC to +35 ºC optimal: +15 ºC to +20 ºC
Density cured foam 13 – 15 kg/m³
Skin formation time 7 – 11 min. (+20 ºC, 50%)
Time before cutting (20 mm rul) 10 – 14 min. (+20 ºC, 50%)
Fully loadable (20 mm rul) 24 hours. (+20 ºC, 50%)
Temperature resistance ‐40ºC/+90 ºC
Temperature resistance short time ‐40ºC/+130 ºC
Ambient processing temperature -10ºC to +35 ºC
Fire class according to DIN4102‐part 1 B3
Degree of filling in joint 50% ‐ 60%
Deformation (MTV Value) 37%
Building material class In conformity with DIN 4102, part 1/EN 13501 B2/E
Cell structure Fine
Yield (released product) Approx. 40 litres
Shelf life 15 months after filling date. When stored upright and dry in unopened, original packaging. Store at a temperature between +5 °C and +25 °C in the shade.
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