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Product description
Zettex Powertack is a fast-curing, waterproof and general purpose adhesive featuring a very high bonding power. Due to its unique composition, this adhesive combines all characteristics expected from existing wood glue and mastic adhesive products in a single cartridge! There are no more tough choices to make: Zettex Powertack is the universal answer for all your bonding requirements..
Modified polyurethane
Product Properties
•Can be sanded, machined and painted.
•Can be made to produce a foam, this is achieved by sprinkling with water. This also accelerates the curing process.

Recyclable polythene cartridges containing 310 ml.
Creamy white
•Bonds metal, bricks, concrete, plastics and insulation materials, alltypes of timber, marble, rubber, expanded PU, gypsum, polystyrene etc.
• Suitable for use in building construction and for sanitary fixtures and plumbing.
All surfaces must be free of grease and dust.
Особенности спецификация
Application Assembly time: 5 minutes
10 minutes 80 % cured
45 minutes 100 % cured under normal conditions.
Volume reduction after full hardening 0%
Tensile strength Timber: 10.0 N/mm²; Stone or brick: 11.5 N/mm²
Aluminium: 14.0 N/mm²
Thermal stability -30°C tot 80°C
Shelf life 12 months
Consumption 400 gr/ m²
Application temperature: +5°C tot + 35°C
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