Bedding Compound

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Bedding Compound
​Product description
Zettex Bedding Compound is a one component permanently elastic sealant/adhesive, based on SMP. The Zettex Bedding Compound has been tested. It is certified tot he Maritime Organisation Fire Test Procedures for Surface Flammability as well. Besides the Zettex Bedding Compound has been approved for use in wall, ceiling and floor applications.

Silyl Modified Polymer

• Free of solvents and isocynate.
• Has an excellent resistance against UV and ageing. Long time resistance against fresh and salt water.
• Adhesion on many substrates, without using a primer.
• Elastic in a temperature range of -40 to + 100 degrees.
• Neutral and odourless.
• Deadening properties against sound- and vibration
• Certified by Bureau Veritas: IMO resolution A.653
The Zettex Bedding Compound can be stored for 12 months, in an original, unopened contrainer in a dry place at temperatures between +5 and +30 degrees.


• Sausage 600 ml.


The product has been tested and certified to the International Maritime Organisation Fire Test Procedures for surface flammability. Not only the fire retarding properties are excellent, but also the production quality is ensured and regularly audited by Bureau Veritas, which guarantees the constand quality Zettex stands for. 
​Application areas
The Zettex Bedding Compound can be used for the bonding of steel, aluminium, polyester with wooden decks and teak strokes or artificial. Besides, it is suitable for the bonding or sealing of watertight plywood subdeck on a steel, aluminium, polyester or wooden subdeck.

Application instructions
In most cases the Zettex Bedding Compound adheres on every substrate that is dry and free of dirt. So in most cases you don’t have to use a primer before, tough a test before is recommended. Especially in extreme circumstances the use of Zettex Primer Z-05 is necessary to realise a perfect bonding. For more information we would like to refer to the Zettex Marine Brochure. In this brochure we explain more about the way of application and the tools you can use to facilitate your job. 
Особенности спецификация
Basic material SMP
Curing method Moisture
Specific gravity [g/ml] ca.1.3
Skin forming time [min] ca. 25
Open time [min] < 45
Curing speed after 24 hrs. [mm] ca. 2
Shore A Hardness (DIN 53505) ca. 32
Volume change (DIN 52451) [%] < 3
Green strength (Physica Rheometer) [Pa] ca. 75
Tensile stress (100 %) DIN 53504/ISO37 [MPa] ca. 1.0
Tensile stress at break DIN 53504/ISO37 [MPa] ca. 1.9
Elongation at break DIN 53504/ISO37 [%] ca. 300
Temperature resistance [℃] -40 to + 100
Application temperature [℃] + 5 to + 35
UV- and weather resistance Excellent
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