MS 40 Grassbond

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MS 40 Grassbond
Product description
Zettex MS40 Grassbond is a durable, one-component grass glue based on hybrid polymers. Free from solvents, neutral and odourless. Apply to a dust and grease-free surface. 

Hybrid polymers  

•long elasticity
•very good adhesion on almost any surface
Available forms
Tube 310 ml 

Zettex MS40 Grassbond has excellent adhesion properties on synthetic grass, PVC, polyester, stainless steel, steel, wood, marble and almost all construction materials.
Особенности спецификация
Processing temperature between + 5 ° C tot + 35 ° C
Skin formation after 15 minutes
Thermal stability Good
Hardening 2-3 mm per 24 hours
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